The Retirement Playbook with Dale Tondryk

Ep 66: Picking Sides in Important Financial Debates

June 9, 2022

When it comes to financial debates, there are a few that we often hear. "You should always pay the house off before retirement“ or “Individual bonds are better than bond funds“ are some common ones you may encounter. But the reality of any financial debate is that the correct answer usually depends on your situation.

Paying off the house before retirement is a great goal, but if you have to compromise your retirement accounts to do so you may need to think about it twice. Individual bonds can be better than bond funds, but they can also be worse. Really it’s all about your goals and where you want your money focused. Join us today, as we explore these financial debates and more. Which side of the aisle do you agree with?



Key points: 


1:07 – How are you doing?

1:26 – Always pay off your house

5:32 – Individual bonds vs. bond funds

7:15 – You don’t need life insurance in retirement

8:58 – Fee-based advisors instead of commissioned broker

9:58 – Annuities are always a rip off

12:17 – You’ll be in a lower tax bracket in retirement

15:07 – You should never use credit cards

16:42 – You should start Social Security as soon as possible


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