The Retirement Playbook with Dale Tondryk

Ep 52: Unreasonable Requests for Your Advisor

November 11, 2021

You may never ask something unreasonable to your advisor, but it’s important to know where that line is. Today, we want to discuss some of the unreasonable things to expect from your advisor. Sometimes people get wrapped up in their financial expectation and bringing it back down to earth is important for your financial plan.

It’s one thing to have standards for your advisor and another to ask them unreasonable requests. Can you expect a big return without risk? Can an advisor reduce their fees for you? We will also be discussing taxes on retirement accounts and the importance of you being involved in the planning process.


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What we discuss: 

1:20 – It’s November!

2:09 – Can I have a big return with no risk?

5:50 – Can you reduce your fees?

8:15 – How can I get out of taxes on my 401(k) or IRA?

9:57 – Can you do it all for me?