The Retirement Playbook with Dale Tondryk

Ep 39: How Long Will a Million Dollars Last?

April 22, 2021

Could you retire off a million dollars? Yahoo! released a survey about how long that much money would last in different cities around the country. Let’s discuss the statistics and explain the process for determining how much money you’ll need for retirement.


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What we discuss on this episode:

1:01 – Yahoo! Finance survey results

2:48 – How much do you need?

3:54 – Living in LA and other big cities

8:19 – Mid-size to small cities

9:16 – Determining what your amount is

10:16 – Income is essential

11:11 – Convincing a client to enjoy a trip and spend

12:15 – Changing your mindset in retirement

14:12 – How to make sure your money lasts