The Retirement Playbook with Dale Tondryk

Ep 16: 5 Easy Ways to Ruin Your Retirement

May 28, 2020

When you spend a lot of time thinking about how to and when to retire, you don’t want to overlook these easy ways to ruin it! On today’s episode we highlight five ways you could ruin your retirement if you aren’t careful.


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Today's show schedule: 

2:45 - What are some easy ways to ruin your retirement?

3:24 - Treating retirement as a destination instead of a new phase in life.

5:30 - Thinking retirement solves all your problems.

7:08 - Assuming you can determine monthly spending habits based on life before retirement.

9:14 - Doing nothing and losing your sense of purpose and enjoyment through activities.

13:04 - Investing like you’re 35 when you’re 55 or 60.

15:10 - Office update: What to expect when working with Dale.