The Retirement Playbook with Dale Tondryk

Ep 12: Cleaning Out Your Financial Closet

April 30, 2020

A lot of Americans are using this lockdown time to clean up around the house so let’s channel that energy to getting our finances organized as well. We’re going to open the doors to that financial closet you haven’t looked into for some time and talk about how to get everything in order.


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Today's show schedule: 

2:53 – Let’s clean out the financial closet

3:46 – Help us make sense of the analogy first.

4:43 – Every has a different way of organizing their finances.

6:12 – How can we begin the process of getting organized?

7:10 – Some other ideas for organizing.

8:14 – Budgeting is still important in retirement

9:56 – Now is the perfect time to take on some of these things.

11:41 – Do the things we have still match our goals?