The Retirement Playbook with Dale Tondryk

Ep 12: Cleaning Out Your Financial Closet

A lot of Americans are using this lockdown time to clean up around the house so let’s channel that energy to getting our finances organized as well. We’re going to open the doors to that financial closet you haven’t looked into for some time and talk about how to get everything in order.


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Today's show schedule: 

2:53 – Let’s clean out the financial closet

3:46 – Help us make sense of the analogy first.

4:43 – Every has a different way of organizing their finances.

6:12 – How can we begin the process of getting organized?

7:10 – Some other ideas for organizing.

8:14 – Budgeting is still important in retirement

9:56 – Now is the perfect time to take on some of these things.

11:41 – Do the things we have still match our goals?

Ep 11: Keys to Building a Sturdy Financial House

A home is a place where we depend on for stability and security, which is similar to our financial plan. Let’s explore the similarities even further by discussing each key element for building a house and what that would equate to in your retirement planning process.


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Today's show schedule: 

1:02 – Thoughts on the shutdown and what’s changing.

4:08 – Let’s talk about home-building.

5:47 – What if you were building a financial house.

6:10 – We begin with the foundation. What’s the financial equivalent?

7:24 – Now let’s put up our walls. That’s an investment plan.

8:22 – Your roof would be the protection portions of your plan.

9:35 – The final piece is fine-tuning and personalization, which is estate planning.

12:00 – Putting all these parts together is why a comprehensive plan is so important.

Ep 10: Key Things to Know About the CARES Act

The coronavirus pandemic has impacted just about everyone from a physical, emotional or financial standpoint. Now there’s relief on the way in the form of the CARES Act. Find out what this means for you as an investor and a small business owner.


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Today's show rundown: 

1:05 – What is Dale doing to keep busy during the quarantine?

5:33 – Let’s look at the CARES Act a little deeper.

6:00 – Tax deadline has been pushed back to July.

7:15 – RMDs are no longer required for 2020.

8:13 – Client story about withdrawing early to pay off a mortgage.

8:55 – What if you’ve taken RMDs already?

10:09 – The recovery rebate for individuals.

11:24 – This is an interesting time for people preparing for retirement.

14:43 – Paycheck protection program for small businesses.

16:49 – Just because it’s offered doesn’t mean you should definitely do it.

Ep 9: Social Distancing Your Finances

Some investment options shouldn’t be anywhere near each other because they have totally different goals. Let’s apply the popular social distancing phrase to our finances and look at four situations where these products need to stay separated.


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Today's rundown: 

0:30 – Let’s have some fun with social distancing.

0:53 – Keep your emergency fund and the stock market separated.

1:57 – Distance life insurance and our investments.

2:44 – Distance high turnover investments strategies and after-tax brokerage accounts.

4:40 – Distance our emotions and our investments decisions.

Ep 8: Famous Movie Quotes & Retirement Planning

Think about your favorite movie quote. We all have one, right? Have you ever tried to apply a financial meaning to it? Today we’ll take seven popular movie quotes and we’ll make sense of them in terms of retirement planning.  


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Today's rundown: 

1:29 – Setting up today’s conversation.  

1:41 – Quote #1 from Robin Williams in Dead Poets Society: “Carpe Diem. Sieze the Days, boys. Make your lives extraordinary.’

3:14 – Quote #2 from Arnold Schwarzenegger in Terminator: “I’ll be back.”

4:06 – Quote #3 from When Harry Met Sally: “I’ll have what she’s having.”

5:30 – Quote #4 from The Wizard of Oz: “Toto, I have a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore.”

6:30 – Quote #5 from Groundhog Day: “Well, what if there’s no tomorrow? There wasn’t one today.”

7:18 – Dale shares a client story showing why it’s important to get your plan in order now.

8:13 – Quote #6 from A Few Good Men: “You can’t handle the truth.”

9:14 – Quote #7 from Cool Hand Luke: “What we have here is a failure to communicate.”

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